Will Senate Republicans betray Trump again?

Donald Trump is promising to shut down the government before the midterm elections in order to get his wall paid for. No surprises there: He campaigned on building the wall, and he won. And he promised he wouldn’t sign ridiculous spending bills again without funding for the wall.

But instead of working with their president, Senate Republicans led by globalist turtle Mitch McConnell are sending him yet another spending bill without wall funding. They’re trying to convince him to wait to build the wall until after the midterms.

They’re forgetting one thing: President Trump gave them his word he wouldn’t sign their spending bills again.

The People support Trump’s wall. Why don’t Senate Republicans? Is it because they are secretly globalists who want porous borders? Could be!

Luckily strong leadership from Donald Trump is putting some stiffness in their spine. It’s sad, but he’s the only one we can count on to have our backs. The rest of them, Democrats and Republicans, are all corrupt traitors.

Thank you, Donald Trump, for jumping into this snake pit for the good of the country!


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