Latest author suspects of the fake news op-ed

Less than a week after a Deep State mole within the administration collaborated with the fake liberal news media to publish the now-infamous op-ed, top officials have leapt to declare themselves not the author.

That is, top officials with a few notable exceptions. Here’s who’s been suspiciously quiet:
Kellyanne Conway, whose traitor husband has publicly denounced our President and joined the #NeverTrumpers, has yet to explicitly say she’s not the author.
John Kelly has also been conspicuously quiet for someone with access to the most closely-held national security details mentioned in the op-ed — and for someone who’s had no trouble openly mocking Trump in the past.
National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow has also been silent on the subject.
The White House is certainly zeroing in on the mole in their midst, but in the meantime, it’s up to us to keep a close eye on everyone at 1600 Pennsylvania.

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